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Jessica F. Zimmerman
& Jamie King

“We took pictures in front of orchid curtains that our designers had spent hours stringing, some from 100 feet up.”

“Boutonnieres tend to remind me of prom, but I liked these bluebells, which looked handpicked.”

“I had a dozen bridesmaids and three bridesmen. I added the guys to my ridiculous brood at the last minute, in ties from American Apparel to match the bridesmaids’ dresses.”

“I think floral bouquets look too formulaic and intentional. I like haphazard, organic beauty, so I carried a bouquet of cotton. The best part is that cotton doesn’t die, so I’ll have it forever. On the day-of, while getting ready, I wore the antique wedding kimono my mother gave me as a shower gift. It’s this beautiful silk robe and I wore sweatpants underneath it!”

“I wore my veil all night until about 2 a.m., when I decided to put it on Jamie’s head. He went with it for about ten minutes. It was good fun. We danced until they kicked us out.”

“One of my friends made our ring pillow. The night before the wedding, we washed our rings in salt water and let them dry in the moonlight, so they’d be spiritually charged.”

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