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Kaitlyn Sterrantino and
Robin Smith

"Five days before our wedding, Robin realized that his pants had been hemmed painfully short, so we took them to a tailor. He had no idea if they’d fit on the day of, and didn’t have another suit to wear. I guess you could say he was flying by the seat of his pants." Photo: Kella MacPhee

"Our stationer designs cards based on the alphabet. The one for ‘K’ has a kite on it; we used it on our invitations. She hand-prints every card using a little Japanese screen. Stationery was one of our biggest expenses—we paid a total of $2,500 for it." Photo: Kella MacPhee

"I got my dress just one month before the wedding at the Bridal Garden, which sells gowns donated by designers and the proceeds go to a charter school in Bed-Stuy." Photo: Kella MacPhee

"We didn’t want a buffet, and had to make some sort of concession for that. After the invitations went out, I had to track everyone down and ask if they wanted steak, chicken, or fish. We could cut costs by knowing ahead of time what the chef had to make." Photo: Kella MacPhee

"We got our custom ceramic ring-bowl online. We didn’t get our names pressed—we thought a heart above the date said it all. It was only $24. Our daughter carried our rings in it for our ceremony." Photo: Kella MacPhee

"We had ranunculus and anemones, and we wrapped bittersweet vines around the columns. We attached place cards to little white pumpkins. Since we had only 33 guests, we didn’t have escort cards—everybody just kind of found their seats." Photo: Kella MacPhee

"For music, Robin spent weeks compiling the night’s playlist. We plugged our iPod into their sound system. During dinner, we played toned-down jazz stuff like Billy Holiday. For the ruckus, we played punk and indie rock. We cleared the chairs out, but it was tight. People danced, but no one 'dance-danced.'" Photo: Kella MacPhee