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Valery Joseph and
Chauncey Upson

"We told them, 'Do it old-school.'" Photo: Cappy Hotchkiss

"I wanted native ginger flowers. They have a thick stem so I thought I’d just hold one, but the florist surprised me with a bouquet." Photo: Cappy Hotchkiss

"We wanted the classic country-club-in-the-fifties kind of menu: Caesar salad, iceberg wedges, lobster tails, steak. It seemed fitting. " Photo: Cappy Hotchkiss

"Rum punch was our unofficial signature cocktail; we like the numb, happy Carib buzz it gives you. When planning food and beverage, it’s key to know your crowd: Do they drink a lot? Ours drank us out of house and home." Photo: Cappy Hotchkiss

"We put our own stamp on the ceremony: Chauncey was like, ‘There will be no flower-strewn aisle!’ So we had cocktails first, and then it was sort of like a dinner theater, with everyone seated at tables around us." Photo: Cappy Hotchkiss

"I play the sax and flute, and Val sings. During cocktails, we were the entertainment. We dedicated meaningful songs to each other: I performed Art Blakey’s 'When Love Is New,' and Val did Cole Porter’s 'You’re the Top,' and the Etta James version of 'Nature Boy.'" Photo: Cappy Hotchkiss