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We Went to City Hall

Rebecca Minkoff and Gavin Bellour
141 Worth St.
June 5, 2009

"We did a lot of things twice. We had two engagement parties, I had two bachelorette parties, so I guess it was fitting that we had two ceremonies, as well. A friend went to a wedding at a villa in Siena, Italy, and said it was amazing, so we decided on that. But some of Gavin’s family couldn’t make the trip, and it was going to be a lot of trouble to get our certificate of marriage there, so we were determined to do something in New York. Rather than just showing up in jeans at City Hall, we wanted to make a fun ceremony of it. I bought my dress on a business trip to Paris. It was cold that day—that’s where the tights came in. I think City Hall used to look more like a prison, but now the rooms are beautiful; there’s even art on the wall. And it’s fun to watch everyone—it was a crazy mix of people. This picture was taken literally right after we got married, so we were excited and totally geeking out. After the ceremony, we all went to Freeman’s for dinner. There were 22 of us, and we had a long table in the back of the restaurant. We didn’t second-guess our wedding in Italy, but afterward we thought, Had we known City Hall was going to be this nice, maybe we would have just done this.”

As told to Katie Goldsmith


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