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Grand Manhattan Blowout

Jessica Harter & Mark Kleinknecht
New York Public Library
March 29, 2009

If Jess and Mark’s relationship has a theme, it’s that no gesture is too grand. “We were on vacation in Whistler when I proposed,” Mark reminisces. “We were waiting for the chairlift and I delayed and delayed so that we could ride by ourselves— I kept asking what time it was, like an idiot—and then when we were halfway up, I got down on one knee.” Jess was thrilled … until they got off the lift. “I was so worried about the ring!” Jess says. “People tell you not to wear it when you’re exercising, and here I am skiing down a mountain.” Back in New York, they settled on the library’s Celeste Bartos Forum as the site for the reception and filled the neoclassical space with plush seating, a dramatically lit ice bar, and banquet-style tables to host a four-course dinner for 200. The ceremony—including a performance by a Harlem choir—took place at St. George’s Church, near the couple’s East Village apartment; they then travelled uptown in an antique Rolls-Royce. “There were all these tourists outside the library screaming and taking our picture,” Jess recalls. “It was our fifteen minutes of fame.”


Bride’s Gown: Carolina Herrera
Groom’s Suit: Paul Stuart
Wedding Planner: Fête
Caterer: Sonnier & Castle
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: J. Crew
Band: Marianne Bennett Orchestra
D.J.: Dina Regine


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