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City Hall Wedding in Three Parts

Stacey Rouse & Jörg Krückel
City Hall and Tribeca Grill
June 19, 2009

Stacey and Jörg may have gotten engaged at Le Bernardin, but their wedding was a decidedly less haute affair. “We didn’t want a big blow-out wedding—that’s not our style,” Stacey explains. Their solution? Vows at City Hall, followed by lunch for 40 at Tribeca Grill, and then a rollicking house party for anyone who felt like stopping by. (“People were still showing up at midnight!”) “Basically, four generations were all dancing together,” says Jörg, who D.J.’d a mix of old soul and house music. “Parents were dancing with their kids, or with their parents, or their grandparents. It was quite amazing.” As for Stacey and Jörg, the long day of festivities took its toll. “It went on for a really long time,” Stacey says, laughing. “I actually fell asleep at one point!” “I must admit that I took a nap, as well,” Jörg says. “I was just so exhausted from the whole day, and the days before—we were a little nervous. Luckily, it all ended up being much easier than we thought.”


Bride’s Gown: Vintage
Groom’s Suit: Hugo Boss
Rings: Mr. Diamond USA
Caterer: Tribeca Grill
Makeup: Annabelle LaGuardia


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