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Try It: Botox

A dermatologist and psychiatrist, Dr. Amy Wechsler doesn’t just inject Botox in middle-aged women with forehead furrows, she also uses it to treat brides getting married in warm-weather destinations, so they don’t sweat up their $13,000 gowns. As long as you’re not pregnant or nursing, Wechsler cleans under the arms, applies a topical numbing cream that stays on for about 30 minutes, then takes ten minutes to inject the armpits (Botox blocks the nervous system stimulation of sweat glands). Deodorant can be reapplied right after, but it takes two weeks for the Botox to actually kick in, and it lasts four to six months ($1,800).

646 Park Ave., nr. 66th St.; 212-396-2500.


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