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Try It: Lash Extensions

If you’re worried you’ll cry at the ceremony and be self-consciously dabbing the mascara out of your eyes all night, consider getting lash extensions. The application is not cheap, nor is it quick. It usually takes 2.5 hours (specialists apply synthetic lashes one-by-one with tweezers and fumey or non-fumey glue). Makeup artist Lori Hamlin can give you very natural looking long, full lashes ($750 for a full set; 800-378-7125;, while Courtney Yorio at Uptown Girl prefers a bit more drama, but will tone it up or down a notch depending on what your style is and how long your actual lashes are to begin with ($400 for a full set; 425 E. 63rd St., Ste. W1F, nr. 57th St.; 917-880-0781; The team at Uptown Girl work off-site, too, so they’ll come to your apartment (day or night), fold-up salon bed and lamp in tow. Lashes usually last up to three weeks before you start needing touch-ups.


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