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Try It: SmartLipo

Dr. Bruce Katz’s team of all-star doctors can do it all: Everything from laser tattoo removal, minimally invasive slimming treatments, laser hair removal, and medical facials. The treatment that has the beauty world buzzing is SmartLipo. If months of dieting and working with your trainer aren’t doing much for that pesky little pouch, a small incision is made in the area, and a laser zaps fatty cells, shrinking and tightening skin at the same time—all in 45 minutes to an hour. Local anesthesia is used, so you may be a little too drowsy for an appointment with the caterer, but as long as you refrain from strenuous activity, you’re fine the next day. After wearing a compression garment for a few days to a few weeks, you’ll finally be able to shimmy into that slinky mermaid gown (from $4,000).

60 E. 56th St., nr. Madison Ave.; 212-688-5882 and (Medispa) 212-421-9501.


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