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Six-Newlywed Poll

Greatest registry hits (and not so great).

Karen Pasternack, 30, PR executive
Great: It’s a tie between our Cuisinart coffee maker and our Calphalon pot/pan set.
Not-so: Our Ralph Lauren wine chiller. It looked festive in the store, but we really don’t have any use for a fancy wine chiller. That’s what our fridge is for.

Anushka Defresne, 30, public health professional
Great: Our Delonghi toaster.
Not-so: A foot massager from Bed, Bath & Beyond. Bad idea. I returned it and got cash back, which I put toward dish towels and kitchen storage containers.

Connie Sheu, 25, musician
Great: Our KitchenAid mixer.
Not-so: Our waffle iron. It’s not as if we eat waffles every day.

Sophie Young, 34, international tax reporter
Great: Our hand mixer. It turns out my husband is a great cook.
Not-so: Eight place settings of china. It’s hard enough to store your wedding dress, let alone all those dishes.

Pauline McHugh, 39, psychiatrist
Great: Our Dell computer. We registered for it at, a site that allows you to register for anything, even a cash fund.
Not-so: We got a bunch of Tiffany’s and Fortunoff vases that we don’t know what to do with.

Rachelle Mandik, 30, editor
Great: Our Crate & Barrel mirror; it never lies.
Not-so: A wall sconce. We rent, so installing something like that is probably a no-no. Plus just because it’s modern and cool doesn’t mean it’s right for us.


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