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Videographer Directory

Aldo Studios

6108 Eighteenth Ave., at 61st St., Bensonhurst, Brooklyn; 718-236-6300;

This studio makes a wedding montage look like a music video-but in a good way. Editors will mix in baby photos, honeymoon snapshots, interviews with couples and their guests, and, of course, music. From $2,300.

Asymmetric Pictures

505 62nd St., nr. Fifth Ave., Ste. E3, Sunset Park, Brooklyn; 718-567-8052;

As a freelance documentary and dramatic filmmaker, Alan Roth has an unobtrusive but detailed approach to his filming, plus he’s a fan of natural sound. He’ll capture the day’s important moments and edit his takes down to a one-hour DVD. Prices range from $2,400 to $3,500.

Blueshoe Production


Partners Jenny Vogelsang and Ellie D’Arcy’s Brooklyn-based company has a cool, retro approach to ¬wedding-video work. In addition to the normal shooting styles (their wedding package runs $3,500), they also offer a Super 8 option (an additional $350) for couples that like a look reminiscent of a bygone-era.

Celebrate Around the World

140 Jaffray Street, nr. Shore Blvd., Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn; 718-676-5640;

If you don’t care about fancy editing or high-grade effects, Celebrate Around the World is a good bet. Their lo-fi approach is somewhat akin to asking a relative shoot your wedding, and you get the DVD shortly after the event. Prices start at $700.

DMS Video Productions

516-829-9382; 212-258-2608;

DMS Video Productions combines images, Super 8 film, flashbacks, voice-overs, and sound design to create emotionally provocative, one-of-a-kind DVD productions. The studio produces only one wedding at a time, getting to know the couple, their personalities, and their family dynamics. Prices start at $4,500.

Film Arts Video

530 W. 25th St., nr. Tenth Ave.; 212-989-9928;

These guys can make a wedding video that’s like a high-definition version of a Times’ "Vows" announcement. Before or after the wedding, they’ll interview the bride and groom, the wedding party, and other key people in the couple’s lives-and capture the whole day on film. Then they put it all together in a memorable keepsake for couples and their families. From $3,000.

Fred Marcus Photography & Videography

245 W. 72nd St., near West End Ave.; 212-873-5588;

Producing wedding videos for more than twenty years, Fred Marcus Photography, led by Brian and Andy Marcus, produces elegant videos that capture the spirit and excitement of a wedding day with no gimmicks or frills. From $3,800.

Joseph Edwards Wedding Filmmakers


The au-naturel style of Joseph Edwards filmmakers aims to capture the genuine emotions and atmosphere of the event. They like to shoot in natural light to make the video as authentic as possible and they can alternate between a Steadicam, for a feature-film look, or a Super 8, for a nostalgic flair. From $3,500.


150 W. 79th St., nr. Amsterdam Ave.; 646-290-5783;

Peilin Chou and John Brancaccio, film and television producers, also create Lifefilms-high-end personal documentaries which tell the narrative story of a couple’s relationship. Shown at the wedding or rehearsal dinner, Lifefilms are typically ten to fifteen minutes long. From $5,000.



A former music-video and commercial producer, and member of the International Cinematographer’s Guild, Jeremy Faryar and his associates are known for seamless editing and candid capture of key moments. LifeStories creates films scored to timeless music and presented on Bluray or DVD. Since each film is so unique-the editing process alone takes months-LifeStories limits the number of projects they undertake. From $8,000.


16 W. 38th St., nr. Fifth Ave.; 800-729-0414;

Geoffrey Boka has been in the business of filming weddings for seven years. The ceremony is a focus, but Boka is known for building narratives-for this he credits his extensive preproduction experience-and his product is a short film-like video. From $2,700.

Mad Props Productions

25 Washington St., Ste. 623, Dumbo, Brooklyn; 718-288-6023;

Mad Props won’t shoot the actual wedding, but these editors who have done work for Bravo, MTV, and VH1, will create a documentary-style tribute by editing footage in postproduction, throwing in family-member interviews, and adding an often irreverent spin. Many couples also opt for a pre-taped video toast to be played at their reception-a good way to avoid any best-man blunders. From $3,500.

Magic Flute Videos

101 E. 5th St., nr. Broadway; 212-300-5933;

Professional filmmaker Renzo Zanelli and Henry Pryl will put together a wedding video with slow-motion segments, natural sound, and appropriate music. Package options include unedited (from $1,000) or fully edited high-definition versions ($2,695).

Milestone Video


With a cinematic flair, digital videographers at Milestone capture a wedding with documentary-film techniques, without the corny on-camera interview, preferring instead to allow the event to unfold naturally. They will tailor the video with music and tasteful edits. From $1,495.

Milk & Honey Productions

253 Fifth Ave., near 28th St., sixth fl.; 212-725-0014;

Documentarians Zev Greenfield and Johnny Boston can create an elegant film that captures the big day as candidly as possible. They won’t use obtrusive lighting or interrupt party guests for interviews-unless asked to-and when it comes time to edit, they treat the footage like it’s an actual film, complete with cinematic perspectives and split screens. From $4,750


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