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Top Five: Seasonal Ingredients for the Spring

Michael Romano, Hudson Yards Catering

1 Sweet Peas and Pea Shoots: “Peas are a major harbinger of spring, of new, fresh green things coming out of the earth, and should be on any spring menu.”

2 Baby Lamb: “Serve it ‘scotta dita’ with sautéed endive, radicchio-and-arugula salad, and potato-Gruyère gratin. I’ve never served this dish where people did not pause after the first bite, lower their forks, look up, and comment dreamily about how delicious it is.”

3 Ramps and Morels: “A few more wonderful springtime friends I look forward to greeting every year. The ramps have such a short season, and they pair so beautifully with the woodsy, earthy flavors of fresh morel mushrooms.”

4 Grilled Asparagus Skewers with Parmigiano: “What would spring be without asparagus! For a novel and attractive pairing, serve them skewered and grilled, then dusted with nutty- flavored Parmigiano- Reggiano.”

5 Fava Beans: “Italians are so fond of fava beans, they can hardly wait to cook them, so they eat the freshest, tiniest ones raw with a sharp Pecorino Romano cheese. I’d pair them with a hearty fregola salad (Sardinian couscous-like pasta), to accompany a delicious cedar- planked Arctic char.”


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