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It’s 1 a.m. Do You Know Where Your Guests Are?

Yes, it’s something else to plan just when you’re all planned out, but the after-party shouldn’t be formal or terribly expensive. Here, a crew of four New York nightlife experts plan wee-hour high jinks, from a limbo party in Chinatown to a raucous sleepover in the Bowery Hotel.

China Chalet
47 Broadway, at Morris St., #2; 212-943-4380
Where:“China Chalet, a huge Chinese restaurant near Wall Street, on the second floor of a rather sterile high-rise.”
Vibe:“Chinese limbo party. Start early, as togetherness over many hours will build trust and experimentation on the dance floor. Then, at 1 a.m., when the Doobie Brothers’ “What a Fool Believes” comes on, everyone will go bananas.”
Food and Bev:“Egg rolls, dumplings, kung pao chicken, chow mein. Cocktails with little umbrellas: mai tais, zombies, and Blackbeard’s ghosts.”
Music:“A D.J. with both vinyl and computer/iPod hookups.”
Approximate Damage:“$65 per person for open bar and food.”
Hotel in Stumbling Distance:The Wall Street Inn.”

Bemelmans Bar
The Carlyle, 35 E. 76th St., at Madison Ave.; 212-744-1600
Where:“Throw your post-party at your favorite cocktail bar, a place where you’re a regular. Hopefully that’s Bemelmans. Spread the word at the wedding about the after-party, and the faithful will come.”
Vibe:“Debauched elegance. Loosened bow ties, kicked-off heels.”
Food and Bev:“Champagne. You don’t want to start drinking martinis at 1 a.m. Serve a chocolate spread from (my fellow Brooklynite) Jacques Torres. Then when the sun comes up, offer scrambled eggs and beer.”
Music:“Your grandfather’s 78s, transferred onto your iPod.”
Approximate Damage:“$100 for the chocolates, and let people buy their own drinks.”
Hotel in Stumbling Distance:“Upstairs at the Carlyle.”

243 W. 14th St., nr. Seventh Ave.; 212-620-0222
Where:“Honey, a lounge with exposed brick walls backlit by candles.”
Vibe:“Las Vegas A-list after-hours.”
Food and Bev:“Milk-chocolate and vanilla-Champagne fondue, strawberry-litchi punch. Then later, an omelette station, waffles, and pancakes.”
Music:“If you have the budget, get a local D.J., like Nick Cohen, to spin tracks like Timbaland’s ‘The Way I Are,’ or ‘What A Feeling’ by Peter Luts and Dominico.”
Approximate Damage:“$80 per person for three hours of top-shelf open bar and three fondues; $500 per hour for D.J. Nick Cohen.”
Hotel in Stumbling Distance:Soho House.”

The Bowery Hotel
335 Bowery, nr. E. 3rd St.; 212-505-9100
Where:“In a Bowery Suite. Send a mass e-mail or text from your BlackBerry before the wedding.”
Vibe:“High-school apartment party. The ‘get-pretty-close-to-getting-kicked-out’ vibe.”
Food and Bev:“A huge spread of mini-tacos from 24-hour La Esquina’s Taqueria just down the street, burgers from Corner Bistro, and mac ’n’ cheese from Cafeteria. Mojitos and margaritas. Lots of tequila.”
Music:“Jeffrey Tonnesen, a local D.J., made an iPod mix of Cuban dance music for the restaurant at Socialista. I’d steal it for the night.”
Approximate Damage:“$3,000.”
Hotel in Stumbling Distance:“You’d already be in one, but who’s sleeping?”


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