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A Dream Wedding Menu for Each Season


by Bill Telepan of Telepan

Hors d’oeuvre
A buffet of oysters, foie gras terrine with vidalia-onion marmalade, fried squash blossoms, zucchini and green tomatoes with basil aïoli, shrimp with green chile oil and scallions, asparagus with pistachios and egg, stir-fried gold rice with peas and pea shoots.
“Also serve a cucumber-dill martini and the Telepan 69: A French 75 with seasonal strawberries, muddled with sugar and bitters, gin and ice, shaken and poured into a flute and topped off with Champagne.”

First Course
Smoked trout with sweet-onion sour cream, potato-chive blini, and farm-raised Osetra caviar.
“Hot-smoke the trout to rare, so it’s not so overwhelmingly smoky that it kills the palate and so it still has a sashimi texture. Get it from Eden Brook Trout Farm.”

Second Course
Lobster poached in butter with peas and handmade farfalle.
“Even though it’s poached in butter, it’s not heavy, and the pasta gives it a comfort-food feel.”

Third Course
Roasted prime rib of beef with ramps, fiddleheads, nettles, dandelion, lamb’s quarter, wild garlic—sautéed with brown-butter new red potatoes.
“The prime rib is my favorite part of the cow. Each of these vegetables has a certain bitterness, which goes great with beef.”

Cake Alternative
Individual strawberry and rhubarb crostata with lemon-verbena ice cream.

Cost of food: $175 per person
Save: Use different cuts of meat—skirt steak or brisket. Replace the lobster with striped bass. Take away the caviar, the foie gras terrine, the oysters—do chicken-liver crostini instead and king crab.
Splurge: Serve specialty drinks.


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