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Beyond Basics

Dr. Amy Wechsler
646 Park Ave. nr. 66th St.; 212-396-2500;
Botox isn’t just for furrowed foreheads. Dermatologist and psychiatrist Dr. Amy Wechsler uses injections to treat brides who are getting married in warm-weather and potentially sweat-inducing destinations (as long as they aren’t pregnant or nursing). Botox blocks the nervous system’s stimulation of sweat glands. Wechsler cleans the underside of your arms, applies a topical numbing cream that stays on for about 30 minutes, and takes ten minutes to inject the armpits. The treatment takes two weeks to kick in, but you can use deoderant in the meantime. The treatment should last four to six months ($1,800).

Dr. Fredric Brandt
317 E. 34th St., nr. Second Ave.; 212-889-7096;
For rosy cheeks that result from a mild or severe case of pustular and comedonal acne, Isolaz will alleviate an imperfect bridal blush. The twenty-minute, painless procedure (your face is slightly warm afterwards but there is no redness) first uses broadband-light therapy to destroy bacteria and battle rosacea. Brandt then suctions the oil out of pores. This treatment takes four to five sessions (one per month), and you can see immediate results: smaller pores and clearer skin by the following morning after the first visit. From $500 a session.

Juva Skin and Laser Center
60 East 56th St., nr. Madison Ave.; 212-688-5882;
Director Dr. Bruce Katz and his team of doctors can do it all with lasers, from removing tattoos to hair, and, for ladies who can’t shed belly fat after months of dieting and exercise, SmartLipo. During the minimally invasive slimming treatment, the doctor makes a small incision in your problem area and uses a one-millimeter laser fiber to melt fat cells and tighten skin around the area. Unlike traditional lipo, SmartLipo does not suction. Dr. Katz can remove up to ten pounds of fat in the 45 to 60 minute procedure performed under local anesthesia. It requires only a day for recovery, but expect to wear a compressions garment for up to a few weeks. From $3,000.

Le Metric Hair Center
124 East 40th St., nr. Lexington Ave.; 212 986-5620;
This cozy, female-only midtown salon caters to thin-haired brides of all ages with Elline Surianello’s natural, customizable hairpieces. During an initial twenty-minute consult, Surianello will measure balding spots, analyze your hair grade and color, and blend it with human hair strands from her 400 pounds of inventory (mostly from Italian heads). On the second visit, she will weave the matched donor hair into your own scalp for either a permanent or a detachable hairpiece. Prices range from $12 to $24 per square inch. Customized styles will last for up to three years with touch-ups every four to eight weeks ($150).


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