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Chicken or Beef? Neither, Thank You

COST OF FOOD:$150 per person

Hors D’oeuvre
Duck prosciutto on pistachio shortbread with quince mostarda, truffled deviled eggs, fried oysters with spicy aïoli, and celery-and-apple salad.
“The prosciutto’s leathery texture plays off the crispy shortbread very well. And who doesn’t love a deviled egg?”

First Course
Quail stuffed with sausage and pine nuts, with roasted figs.
“Poultry is fine at room temperature, which is good when you’re serving a big party. Definitely get semi-boneless quail—it’s worth the few extra dollars. The sausage is nice and fatty so it’ll keep the quail moist, and the figs should be squishy-wushy. ”

Second Course
Whole-wheat pappardelle with porcini mushrooms, organic egg yolk, crispy Parmigiano, and white truffles.
“Take a big whiff of the white truffles—if they’re not pungent, they’re not good enough. Have servers shave the truffle directly onto guests’ plates.”

Third Course
Braised pork cheek with pumpkin purée, bitter greens, crispy guanciale, and pumpkin seeds.
“Butternut squash is a good alternative to pumpkin. The pork cheek is so fatty and the pumpkin purée is so sweet, you’ll need something to cleanse the palate. Dandelion, chicory, or broccoli rabe are good choices for that.”

Olive-oil cake with sautéed apples and pears, and chestnut-honey gelato.
“Get the gelato from Il Laboratorio del Gelato. Use super-swank extra-virgin olive oil— a sweet, lovely finish.”


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