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Concoctions Like Us

It wasn’t until Amanda and Marc serendipitously ran into each other while on separate vacations in South Africa that they decided to make it official (there had been earlier, semi-successful setups in New York City). Says Amanda, “We’re having an African-Jewish party with friends flying in from all over!”

Anusara yoga, cooking Israeli food, traveling
Loves:Foreign films, aiding Africa
Loves to Drink:
vodka-and-sodas with lime
Loves to Drink:
Pisco on the rocks
Her Signature Cocktail
Starr Rickey
Starr African Rum, lime, agave nectar, orange bitters, club soda
“A bright and lively cocktail that embodies an ethnic feel and flavor, and salutes Africa.”
His Signature Cocktail
Pisco Daisy
African Van Der Hum, lime juice, Angostura bitters
“This Afro-Latino drink celebrates the tastes of both regions, and will introduce the groom to pisco beyond the rocks.”


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