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Concoctions Like Us

Lexi and Kyle finally got together their senior year in college, only to be separated two months later—she went to Mexico; he joined the Army and was based in Korea. Four years of long-distance dating later, they’ll be getting married in late August, in Princeton, New Jersey.

Partying, baking, Latin pop music
Triathlons, the guitar, Ireland
Loves to Drink:
Loves to Drink:
Whiskey- and-Cokes
Her Signature Cocktail
Tequila Honeysuckle
tequila, lime juice, clover honey syrup, lime wheels
“It offers the sweet and sour of a margarita, but with a silky texture from the honey. A strong tequila-based drink for a girl who used to live in Mexico, and who loves to have a good time.”
His Signature Cocktail
Ward 8
Rye whiskey, pomegranate grenadine, lemon and orange juice, orange wedges, brandied cherry
“A fantastic whiskey cocktail that’s full of body and flavor, like the drink he normally gets. It originates in the very Irish town of Boston in the late 1800s.”


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