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Reason 10:
Because Here, Married Life Never Gets Dull

We’re not saying the city keeps you married, but....
Four couples, with a total of 140 married years among them, attest to the vibrancy of a life filled with baseball and opera dates.

Married 38 years

Do you remember what you did on your first date?
DANIEL: We went to a really nice Italian restaurant in the Bronx called Amerigo’s. It doesn’t exist anymore. And then to my friend’s bar called The Cat’s Meow. By about midnight, Stephanie said to me, “I’ve got to go home.” So I took her home.
STEPHANIE: My father was waiting at the door. He pulled me inside and slammed the door in Danny’s face.
DANIEL: Her father eventually got to like me and nine months later we got married.

How was the wedding?
STEPHANIE: The people at Alex and Henry’s, where we had the reception, surprised us by putting two white doves in a cage on top of the wedding cake. And when we cut the cake and kissed, they let the doves out.

What are your dates like?
DANIEL: She comes to Yankees games with me, and I go to the opera and ballet with her. And I (a kid from the Bronx!) have discovered that I actually enjoy it.


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