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From Their Mouths to Your Ears

Illustration by Olivier Kugler  

The Dress
“Any ideas I had about what I would wear went right out the window.”

How was gown shopping?
Meg: I must have tried on 800 dresses.
Daphne: It was a nightmare. I had a saleswoman at Saks say to me, “People come from all around the world to Saks, to New York City, to find their wedding dress. If you don’t know what you want, maybe you don’t want to get married.”
Sita: Wow.
Ramona: What?!
Raeanne: No.
Daphne: I thought, Get me out of here! Afterward we went to Carolina Herrera. They were so accommodating. I was always late for my appointments and they always waited for me.
Raeanne: I actually had a great experience at Saks. I didn’t go through many dresses; mine was probably one of the first ones I tried on.
Ramona: I didn’t try on anything. A designer friend of mine showed me this little top she had made and said, “What if this were a dress?” And I said, “Yeah.” That was it. Twenty-five yards of fabric. It was insane. It was so different, and romantic—just phenomenal.
Chloe: I went to one of those bridal barns and cried when I put the first dress on. Then I went to Michael’s Consignment on the Upper East Side, because I thought, God, you wear it once; I don’t want to spend all that money. But it’s kind of weird trying on somebody else’s dress. One day my mom and I walked by Vera Wang and Mom said, “Let’s just do it for a hoot.” I hadn’t shaved; I was wearing a black bra. But we went in. With the first dress my mom said, “Oh, let’s do it. It’s so beautiful.” So we got it; the night of, I switched into a hot-pink dress and gold heels for dancing.
Alex: I had my dress custom-made at Angelo Lambrou. He’s South African and has a little bridal shop on East 7th Street, between First and A. He incorporated my mom’s antique lace into the dress. I was there every two weeks. We’d have a glass of wine; I’d try on the dress. It was awesome.

Most of you had bridesmaids. Did you also choose their attire?
Raeanne: Yes. At first I thought I’ll just give them a color and let them find whatever they want. But then I thought that was even meaner in a way. I felt I should do the legwork.
Sita: It is so hard.
Raeanne: I really felt bad about making them spend a lot of money. I ended up choosing a dress from J.Crew for about $150—it was in spring green and came in several styles. But they weren’t very happy with the way they looked. Some of them said as much.

The Toughest Decisions
“We changed the proofs three times for the words ‘of’ and ‘the.’

What was particularly tricky?
Alex: Addressing the envelopes: Is it Dr. or Mrs.? Whose name do you put first? My husband’s like, “He’s my friend; I want his name first,” and I’m like, “No, you have to put the girl’s name first.”
Sita: I had a guest show up to the wedding with a plus-one who hadn’t been invited with a plus-one.
Raeanne: Yeah, I had a few of those.
Daphne: I was shocked—some of my guests didn’t RSVP, period. I would have never imagined that I would have to chase people down.

What about the seating chart?
Alex: We spent all Labor Day weekend cutting up little pieces of paper—the “tables” and “chairs”—and moving them around in different versions.
Raeanne: I was really against the sweetheart table. I wanted to sit at a table with our families, but it was too big a group. So we ended up putting our families at different tables and sitting at a sweetheart table, which ended up being nice, actually.

Where else did you compromise?
Chloe: My husband wanted a big cocktail party with just tapas, and I said, “You can’t just serve random tapas all night! What, Grandpa is going to sit on a stool for six hours?” You have to make people comfortable and pick your battles. Like we were dead set on doing Brazilian churrascaria—until we realized no one does this for weddings. Apparently, no one wants people walking around with large, bloody hunks of hot meat over the wedding guests. So we had a buffet— oh, so traditional. We did have skewers of meat; they just weren’t hovering and portable. Our caterer accommodated our weird requests. We wanted lots of bacon, four different kinds of beef jerky shipped in from Texas, and Turkish Delights, rock candy, and red hots.


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