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From Their Mouths to Your Ears

Illustration by Olivier Kugler  

The Best Advice
“Make it a point to thank your parents.”

What tips do you wish someone gave you before you got married?
Meg: Go away together. That totally saved us.
Sita: Yes! A month and a half or so before the wedding, even if it’s just for a weekend, just the two of you.
Raeanne: Wear your shoes before the wedding. You need to know where the blisters will form.
Sita: Hand off your cell phone to a bridesmaid on the day of, because there will be those silly last-minute calls and you don’t want to deal with them.
Nina: Have a moment to yourselves after the ceremony. Our planner handed us two glasses of Champagne after we walked down the aisle, and led us directly to the back of our venue before everything started. I cannot tell you how amazing that was.
Alex: We were adamant about the room being cool because we had a lot of very hairy, active Jewish men there, including my husband. The temperature can be the difference between misery and happiness.

Any regrets?
Meg: We didn’t think to have anyone take pictures or film the rehearsal dinner. It was a really fun night and I wish I had record of that.
Nina: I would have regretted not hiring a videographer. At first, I was flat-out against it; I didn’t want a camera around me. But our planner talked us into Dominic Perez of Go Show Media. We didn’t know they were there. And now I love having the video. We’ve sent it to family in India and Japan who weren’t able to make it. You get the speeches, you see it all in action ... I’ve watched it three times.
Raeanne: I mean, for the ceremony alone. I think I’ve seen mine three times too. My husband won’t watch it anymore. I have to watch it in secret.

Last words of wisdom, ladies?
Daphne: Remember that it’s only a day. It’s five hours. Things will go wrong. Just focus on what’s really happening. You’re deciding to share your life with somebody—that’s huge.

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