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Updo It Yourself

Illustrations by Emily Wong  

The Pro: Kate Werner, Stylist at Seagull
Werner’s M.O. for wedding-day hair is very downtown, and artfully undone.

The Veronica Lake Wave (left)
Blow out hair, no shorter than chin length, and divide into four sections (two in front, two in back). Lightly spritz one section with heat-sensitive hair spray. Holding a large-barrel curling iron vertically, wrap two-inch chunks of hair around it. Count to three and gently unwind from iron. Use metal hair clips to pin curls against the head. Repeat process with remaining three sections. Let hair set while you do your makeup, then use your fingers to unfold the curls and gently position them. Sweep hair back on one side and pin just above the ear, tucking in a flower or comb.

The Dressed-Up Side Bun (right)
Scrunch dry hair—shoulder length or longer—with defining cream, then gather into a low side ponytail, using a small elastic band to secure under the ear. Part the hair above the elastic band so hair forms a Y, then tuck the end of the ponytail into the space and pull it through. Wrap the ponytail in a messy twist, securing with hairpins, and fasten a fancy hair accessory at the top. Pull out a few face-framing wisps on either side. For a more refined look, curl the hair first.


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