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At Long Last

Janice Goldberg, 57, and Susan Darrow, 60

WEDDING WISHES: Playwright Goldberg (left) and real-estate agent Darrow met in Ocean City, Maryland, as young waitresses out for an after-work, tequila-fueled walk on the beach. Thirty-two years later, they are imagining a beachy—and similarly boozy—fall wedding. Says Goldberg, “[We want] our friends to walk out saying, ‘Oh my God, my feet hurt from dancing, and I’m drunk as a skunk!’ ”

BUDGET: $15,000 


THE PLANNER: Bernadette Smith, owner of gay-planning firm 14 Stories (646-580-1270)
HER VISION: Smith thinks a Fire Island rental would better accommodate Goldberg and Darrow’s personalities and budget than a traditional function hall, with one caveat: “Cut your guest list to 50.” Tents are expensive, and so are portable dance floors, making a beach club out of the question. Smith also suggests skipping the formal ceremony by having all but the oldest guests stand and establishing fire as a theme, using a fire pit and tiki torches for ambience. Catering company the Raging Skillet (212-463-0872; from $130 per person) would serve hors d’oeuvre and staff the bar. The couple could bring their own liquor, Smith notes, which is both fun and economical: “When the bar ‘closes’ and the staff leave, you get to keep going.”

THE COUPLE’S VERDICT: “Argh, that really is tough love,” says Goldberg. “We don’t know that we could cut the guest list that much.” But she and Darrow do like the fiery theme and the location.


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