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The Body Shop

Five silhouette-specific workouts to get you into that gown.

DRESS STYLE: Sleeveless
SOLUTIONS: The AntiGravity Yoga “Wings” class at Crunch (multiple locations;; day pass $25) works the arms through 60 minutes of acrobatic feats, including fabric-climbing, pull-ups, and handstands. Mary Helen Bowers (, Natalie Portman’s trainer for Black Swan, also recommends a four-times-a-week combo of triceps dips followed by 30 reps of her Swan Arms move: Lower and raise outstretched arms from the shoulders to the waist, bending them slightly at the elbows.

DRESS STYLE: Strapless
TARGET: Back and Shoulders
SOLUTIONS: Equinox’s action-flick-inspired Blockbuster Body class (multiple locations;; day pass $35 if accompanied by a member) helps banish all traces of back pudge. The regimen includes strength-building bridges, down-dog presses, and sprints, plus moves like the Captain America Push-Up 360, a push-up-and-rotating-plank hybrid. Personal trainer Jaime Morales ( also suggests adding uphill walks, which promote good shoulders-back posture, to your workout.

TARGET: Hips and Waist
SOLUTIONS: Shrinking love handles requires toning underlying muscles and losing body fat, says fitness expert Robert Brace ( Try integrating two high-intensity intervals (e.g., two minute-long sprints per half-hour jog) into every workout. Those needing group motivation should sign up for the indoor rowing classes at Smart Workout (124 E. 40th St., nr. Lexington Ave., sixth fl.; 212-661-1660; $375 for fifteen classes or free for members); they’ll do wonders for the obliques.

SOLUTIONS: The rigorous As*pire class at new training studio Willspace (254 W. 10th St., nr. Hudson St., Ste. B; 212-929-1800; $38 to $45 per class) promises its participants gravity-defying behinds. Instructor Liz DiAlto challenges the laws of physics with a series of butt-firming exercises and stationary cardio (like running in place with high knees). For DIY types, Brazilian Butt Lift workout-inventor Leandro Carvalho ( prescribes squat-arabesques and deep capoeira squats for overall toning.

TARGET: Everything
SOLUTIONS: Mermaid gowns are notoriously unforgiving. Justin Gelband’s 45-minute ModelFIT classes at Mushin Mixed Martial Arts (78 Fifth Ave., nr. 14th St., second fl.; 908-217-5181; $35 to $50 per class) help participants build lean muscle by kickboxing, using resistance bands, and doing body-weight exercises. Celebrity fitness guru David Kirsch ( also recommends at least 30 minutes of cardio five times a week, plus four weekly sessions of circuit-training or boot-camp-style workouts.


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