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If You're Having Your Wedding at a...Beach

  • The Atlantica in West Hampton, New York. Photos: Alison Mayfield/Christian Oth Photography.
Not everyone wants to get married with sand between his toes. But for those who do, there's no place like the eastern edge of Long Island-pounding surf, acres of white sand, a few beachcombers checking out the festivities from the water's edge. In the past five years, the Hamptons have become a prime wedding destination, with hotels and venues booked months in advance for the month of September, a favorite of brides for its lower-season rates at hotels, unclogged roads, and the most dazzling sunlight this side of paradise. As in the rest of life, waterfront can be hard to come by for weddings, with the towns of East Hampton and Southampton notoriously persnickety on the topic of tenting public beaches-although persistent brides have allegedly petitioned the town council successfully. (Ceremonies are allowed on the beach, but depending on your location, you might need to bring your own Portosan-and be sure to buy a bunch of umbrellas at least for inclement weather). There's a variety of other options, though, like renting a private home, booking space in a beachfront hotel, or reserving the hottest restaurant in town. Welcome to your destination wedding just a couple of hours away.


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