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One Loft, Three Ways

Carole and Bob

The Talent
Event design and catering by Dan Fehlig of the Upper Crust.

The Plan
“The couple’s first choice was to have the ceremony on the roof, under the open sky, with midtown as the backdrop. But the forecast called for thunderstorms, so two days before, we switched to plan B. Once the ceremony was over and the guests went up to the roof pavilion, we transformed the main room into the dining area. To have a little fun, the seating was planned using square tables and different-length rectangular ones, but here’s the novelty: They were all at different heights.”

The Nuts and Bolts
“The bride and groom wanted to incorporate water into their design, so we looked into a variety of fountains and decided to go with a modern interpretation: tall, free-standing, see-through panels of glass with water glazing down. Bob, who is into photography, brought in some of his pictures of orchids, which we mounted on white backgrounds, repeating the water-panel motif. Live orchids, hung in rows from the ceiling, echoed the photography. We projected patterns of light, representing city lights, onto the panels by the dance floor, which was lit with glowing ‘cobblestones.’ ”

The Décor
“The basic concept for the dining room was ‘cityscape.’ The centerpieces reinforced that theme. A number of different-height square glass vases were clustered together to mimic the skyline—the taller ones were filled with water and floating candles, and the shorter ones had flowers. Each of the tables represented a different part of the city: Washington Square was a square table, Broadway was a long rectangular one, and so forth.”


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