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One Loft, Three Ways

Shari and Evan

The Talent
Event design and flowers by David Beahm Design. Catering by Abigail Kirsch.

The Plan
“We wanted the room to have a Zen feel, very quiet. There was no dance floor—just music playing in the background. The couple wanted the emphasis to be on the two of them and their guests, so the décor didn’t have to be the centerpiece. This was an easygoing group; the bride wanted elegance, but also an understated look.”

The Nuts and Bolts
“The bride loved strong lines and structure—round tables wouldn’t do for her at all. She also liked the sense of limitless space. She didn’t want any defined space, so everything was white, and we draped the room on all four sides for the ceremony. You felt like you were floating. Since there were really no side walls, the weeping-willow-branch- and-birch trees became the visual anchor.”

The Décor
“It was all about texture and dramatic lines, which is why the trees appealed to the bride. We moved them into the dining area for the reception. The centerpieces were orchids, and we wanted guests to see the flowers when they sat down. The tables had to match the centerpieces; the way the glasses and the calla lilies were set up was meant to echo the rest of the room, and they picked up the edges of the tables and the sleek lines of the clear Philippe Starck chairs. We decided to use plain glass chargers with a platinum rim, so you could see the tablecloth through the charger—she loved the texture and didn’t want to hide it. The place card was displayed underneath the charger.”


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