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Classic: Spring Floral

Traditional shapes and colors, reimagined for the modern (but still hopeless) romantic.

$12 per serving, by Mark Joseph Cakes.

Photos by Danny Kim

Classic: Sensual Calla Lily

$8 per serving, by Cakes by Nicolle.

Classic: Button Up

$13 per serving, by Love Street Cakes.

Classic: An Elegant Garden Wedding

Price upon request, by Ruth Drennan Cakes.

Classic: Freesia and Shimmer

$12 per serving, by Cheryl Kleinman Cakes.

Classic: Rosemary for Remembrance

$8 per serving, by Nine Cakes.

Classic: Vintage Glamour

Price upon request, by Cake Alchemy.

Classic: The Grande Dame

Price upon request, by Sylvia Weinstock Cakes.

Classic: The Bride's Ribbon Cake

$7.50 per serving, by A Simple Cake.

Gonzo: Subway Love Cake

If you can dream it, they can bake it. Go ahead and get carried away.

$12 per serving, by Sweet Element.

Gonzo: Twisted Tale

$12 per serving, by City Cakes.

Gonzo: Love in Full Bloom

$9 per serving, by Victoria Zagami for Made in Heaven Cakes.

Gonzo: The Joy of Sprinkles

$10 per serving, by Cheryl Kleinman Cakes.

Gonzo: Dandelion Kiss

$10 per serving, by Lulu Cake Boutique.

Gonzo: A Summer Gala

Price upon request, by the Cake Studio.

Gonzo: Bubble Labyrinth

$16 per serving, by Cake Alchemy.

Gonzo: Muted Spring

$14 per serving, by Baked Ideas.

Gonzo: Fruit Slice Cake

$10 per serving, by Sweet Element.

Gourmet: Hudson Valley Cake

Malted batter, mochi fondant, and olive oil “dew-drops” impress even hard-core epicures.

All “cake-cups” are customizable: This spread includes yellow cake with strawberry-cayenne jam and peanut-butter mousse; cornmeal cake with lemon curd and blueberry compote; and chocolate cake with salted caramel and pecan toffee. $10.50 per serving, by Bee’s Knees Baking Company.

Gourmet: Gentlemen Prefer Malt

$6.50 per serving, by Baked.

Gourmet: Hanami Cake with Matcha and Yuzu Citrus

$12 per serving, by Michelle Park for Kyotofu.

Gourmet: Country Cardamom and Blueberry

$7 per serving, by Desserts NYC.

Gourmet: How Sweet It Is

$10 per serving, by Michelle Doll Cakes.

Gourmet: Golden Dewdrops

$12 per serving, by Silk Cakes.

Gourmet: Pretzel Cake With Beer Ganache and Burnt-Honey Frosting

$400 for three tiers, by Momofuku Milk Bar.

Gourmet: Cake Truffle Croquembouche

$150 for 18 inches (serves 50-75), by Momofuku Milk Bar.

Cubist: Falling Blocks

Hard angles, clean lines, and smart patterns for the New Museum lover in you.

$13 per serving, by Elizabeth Hodes Custom Cakes & Sugar Art.

Cubist: Downtown Chic

$15 per serving, by Ron Ben-Israel Cakes.

Cubist: A Strong Foundation

$14 per serving, by Michelle Doll Cakes.

Cubist: Urban Honeycomb

$12 per serving, by Lulu Cake Boutique.

Cubist: Gilded Cage

$11 per serving, by Sugar Couture.

Cubist: Cake Meets Art, Falls in Love

$14 per serving, by Bijoux Doux.

Cubist: Chiffon Rosettes

$14 per serving, by Lulu Cake Boutique.