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  • chapters The Theft First, there was the burglary. Then everything went missing.
  • the money game Bill Ackman Strikes Back His fight has made him the public face of a billionaire class anxious it no longer rules the world. podcast
  • higher education What Does an SAT Score Mean Anymore? The pandemic — and the mass pivot to a test-optional approach — radically reshuffled college admissions.



The Earthquake Trade

I was an outsider in London finance. And when disaster struck in Japan, that was my biggest advantage.
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The Cut


Who TF Is Reesa Teesa Now?

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méliès's legacy

Everything That Happens in a Dune: Part Two 4DX Screening

My jittery, flashy, splishy-splashy time inside the biggest gimmick theater on the planet.

SNL’s Opera Man Sings What We’re All Thinking About the End of Game of Thrones

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The Strategist

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getting around

People Are Still Quite Worked Up About Congestion Pricing

“I’m a resident, you know, so this is very unfair and unfair to my mom.”
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Grub Street


How Butter Became the Main Character

It’s always been the best part of dinner. Now it’s the star.
  • the grub street diet Laura Kim’s Grub Street Diet “I love the Spanish ham — the leg — they have on display. The guy carving it is really handsome.”
  • the year i ate new york The End of My Year Eating New York Our diner-at-large concludes his dinner with khachapuri, nostalgic kimchee biji, and a conciliatory strip steak at the Grill.
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