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  • movie review I Am Tired of Films Like Antebellum This movie had the opportunity to show a more dynamic side of slavery narratives, but it ends up reaffirming the very horror it is trying to critique.
  • the body politic It Shouldn’t Have Come Down to Her Some will try to blame Ruth Bader Ginsburg for not stepping down sooner. They are missing the point.
  • first person Buying Myself Back When does a model own her own image?


the national interest

Trump: Reporters Covering Protests Deserve to be Attacked

“They threw him aside like a bag of popcorn.”
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The Cut

finer things

It’s Still Warm Enough to Wear This Skirt

A perfect look for the first official day of fall.
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box office

The Problem With Calling Tenet a Flop

In the midst of a pandemic, nobody wants to use the F word. Yet Christopher Nolan’s movie is coming to be viewed as a theatrical misfire nonetheless.

SNL’s Opera Man Sings What We’re All Thinking About the End of Game of Thrones

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Grub Street


How NYC’s Restaurants Are Preparing for Indoor Dining

“Right now, it’s about survival.”

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