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  • brain worms 2020 The Revolution Will Not Be Branded The platitudinous word soup deployed from various brands has felt even more at odds with reality than usual.
  • the body politic Don’t Call It Rioting One way to avoid a referendum election during hard times is to only own the record you had before disaster struck.
  • what's past is prologue Trump Revives the Shameful Legacy of Law-and-Order Politics Trump’s rhetoric echos Nixon and Reagan — but unlike his predecessors, he’s incapable of posing as a force for unity as well as repression.


2020 elections

Joe Biden’s New Bet for Beating Trump

His pitch to voters is no longer centered around a return to normalcy.
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The Cut

the body politic

Don’t Call It Rioting

Maxine Waters on the history of protest and the language of insurrection.
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first person

Our Brother Kaizen

He would be called a murderer and a domestic terrorist. But to us, he was family. Our struggles with systemic racism growing up were the same.

SNL’s Opera Man Sings What We’re All Thinking About the End of Game of Thrones

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The Strategist

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Grub Street


Mayor Announces Plan for Expanded Outdoor Dining in NYC

Restaurant reopenings could begin in early July.

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