What We’re Eating…

Illustrations by Seymour Chwast

1. Eighty-eight calorie Skinny Shake, made from No-Cal Orange Freeze and powdered milk, at Peter Pan Restaurant, 60 cents; a half-quart delivered costs 70 cents.

2. Sushi, the elegant Japanese “sandwiches” of rice and seafood wrapped in seaweed, available in only a few Japanese restaurants about the city. An assorted mix costs $2.75 at Coliseum Restaurant, accompanied by a good Japanese beer called Kirin, 75 cents.

3. Jumbo banana daquiris at Wednesday’s.

4. Takeout tandoori chicken at Magic Carpet West, $1.95 for a two-and-a-half-pound chicken.

5. De Cecco brand dried pasta.

6. “Silent Breakfast” (juice, fruit, croissant, coffee, and the New York Times, $3) at the Ground Floor.

7. Goldielox pizza (lox and onions) at Goldberg’s, $1.90 small, $3.45 large.

8. Roasted wild boar at Maxwell’s Plum.

9. The new “Cuban-Chinese” food, at the Asia Pearl.

10. Quénelles at La Côte Basque.

11. Dim sum at Mee Sum Mee.

12. Shell steaks from M. Fiumefreddo butchers.

13. Duck eggs, $1.50 a dozen (small), $2.50 a dozen (large).

14. Zito’s Bakery Italian bread.

15. Cold Japanese zaru noodles, served on ice, (a.k.a. udon noodles, a.k.a. soba noodles).

16. Black Velvet cocktails (stout and Champagne) at the Irish Pavilion.

17. Cheese from Bloomingdale’s.

18. Sorrel.

19. Cilantro.

20. Miss Grimble’s cheesecake.

21. Fresh mozzarella and sausage from Salumeria Sbarro.

22. Croissants from Sutter’s.

What We’re Eating…