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Do You Want to Punch This Jeopardy Champion in the Face?

This is Buzzy Cohen, a seven-day Jeopardy champ who’s on the kind of run that makes you go out of your way to find CBS on your TV. Since last Monday, Cohen has won $133,402 and divided Jeopardy fans into two warring camps — the fawning pro-Buzzy and the annoyed anti-Buzzy.

Those who love him think he’s cute and clever. They like his whole indie-rock John Turturro thing. They think he might make a good husband.

Those who hate him, led by the grump who made the Screw Buzzy Cohen Twitter account, hate that he thinks he so cute and clever. They hate his Harold Lloyd glasses, his suit, and his unapologetically nerdy demeanor.

They also seem to hate that he’s having too much fun and making a mockery of Final Jeopardy with his Saturday Night Live–inspired nonanswers.

But anyone who watches that and pines for the days of subdued Jeopardy champs is living in a different era. We’re living in Buzzy’s world now, and he’s here to make Jeopardy fun again.

Do You Want to Punch This Jeopardy Champ’s Face?