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James Corden Won the Race to Book Chewbacca Mom on Late Night

It’s hard to believe that Chewbacca Mom entered the public consciousness only five days ago. Feels like that laugh has been with us forever. But this is how it goes for modern viral videos. They explode, spread like lice, and four days later, pop up on late-night TV.

Last night, James Corden reveled in his victory. We can only assume that the late-night host’s facility for making videos inside of cars put him ahead in the booking battle. In any case, the two of them got into a car and made a video. The clip also features a cameo from The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams, who offers Chewbacca Mom some acting tips. Anything he can do to get a little more publicity for that attention-starved franchise he’s helming for Disney.

James Corden Booked Chewbacca Mom on Late Night