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Rapper Dumbfoundead Tackles Hollywood Racism in Amazing New Video

Back in February when the #OscarSoWhite controversy was the talk of Hollywood, the discussion largely surrounded the lack of black actors and directors nominated for Academy Awards.

They weren’t the only ones feeling left out.

As Korean-American MC Dumbfoundead raps on his recent song “Safe,” “The other night I watched the Oscars and on the roster the only yellow men were all statues / We a quarter of the population there’s a room of fucking one-percenters laughing at you.”

His blistering indictment is now the subject of an excellent new video that, with the help of some visual trickery, puts Dumbfoundead’s own face in some iconic movie roles, forcing viewers to ponder questions such as “What if the Titanic lead had been Asian?” And, “What if the hunky ghost in Ghost was played by an Asian?”

If casting agents feel resolve to mend their ways after watching this video, they need not look far to find an Asian performer for their next movie. As Dumbfoundead raps, “I ain’t never heard of none of ya’ll fools / I could do what every one of ya’ll do.”

Rapper Dumbfoundead Tackles Hollywood Racism