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Shouldn’t Starbucks Be Paying Us to Wear These Nikes?

Do they come in venti? Photo: Sarena Kaye/Courtesy of Nike

A week after announcing its collaboration with Krispy Kreme, Nike unveiled its latest food-chain-inspired shoe this week: a brown-and-green Dunk Low made in partnership with fellow Pacific Northwest brand Starbucks. The canvas on the shoe is brown with white swirls, just like coffee, or like a brown shoe that just had a bowl of cereal spilled on it. The sole and the inner lining are signature Starbucks green. Mercifully, there’s no Starbucks logo on the thing.

Still, it’s a little crazy that Nike is selling these for $100. Or, like, at all. People wearing Nike are already pimping Nike on their feet. Now they’re being asked to shill for another billion-dollar company at the same time? Doesn’t Starbucks get enough residual advertisements from all of the people walking around holding the chain’s cups?

Of course, no one is going to be forced to wear these. They’ll have to opt in to serve as a billboard for two companies that don’t need any more advertising. And before long they’ll be walking around looking like NASCAR drivers. At least when the end times arrive we’ll know who to eat first.

Shouldn’t Starbucks Be Paying Us to Wear These?