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What’s the Best Men’s Swimsuit to Buy?

Summer holidays in New York mean summer holidays out of New York, but depending on where you decide to lie out, swimwear dress codes can vary as much as local accents. We talked to Bruce Pask, men’s fashion director at Bergdorf Goodman, to get a handle on the appropriate swimwear for various hot-weather destinations.

For Rio de Janeiro:

Thorsun Printed Trunks
“This is a relatively new swim line designed by George Sotelo. I thought of this line immediately because I do know that he spends a lot of time in Rio, and you can tell from the swim trunks that even if it’s not a directly literal inspiration, the swimsuits have a really bright and vibrant color palette, and the pattern and mood of these trunks fit Ipanema or Copacabana so perfectly. I can easily picture someone heading from the beach to the lobby of the Fasano in these trunks. With the six-inch inseam, they’re just long enough to cover and just short enough to really show off a worked-out physique, like a beach volleyball player’s.”
$275 at Matches Fashion

For Montauk:

Dane Swim Trunks by Orlebar Brown
“The Dane is the longest trunk that Orlebar Brown offers — with a ten-inch inseam — and it will hit just above the knee when you wear the shorts at your true waist. The adjustable side tabs are really flattering and allow you some give, especially after lunch. It’s got mesh pockets, too, which make it a proper swim short that takes you from beach to casual dinner. They’re also made of a quick-dry nylon for extra practicality, too. In Montauk, which is so self-contained, I feel like the length and pockets and dryness make sense because you could be going from the beach back to your hotel and then out for the evening all in the same outfit (more so than in, say, Rio).”
$275 at Bergdorf Goodman

For Malibu:

Grant Boardshort by Saturdays
“The designers of Saturdays NYC have done such a successful job of turning a surf mentality into an entire casual lifestyle. When you’re in Malibu, the coolest thing you could wear is a traditional surf jam, and this is just the modern take on that, especially with the really wide surf stripe. It just screams SoCal to me. This guy could be on the beach and then jump into a Jeep and head to the Malibu Country Mart. The fixed waistband is very flattering, and the lace gives you flexibility with how tight you want to go. For guys who are worried about how figure-flattering that stripe is, the solid version is a great option too.”
$75 from Saturdays NYC

For Ibiza:

Swim Brief by Tomas Maier
“Tomas Maier has been the designer of Bottega Veneta for ages, but he’s also been doing his eponymous swim and sportswear line for quite some time. I think he’s really just perfected the materials. What’s the best about his brief versus something standard from Sports Authority is that sophisticated color palette — it matches the sophistication of Ibiza. It feels like you’re at a luxury resort, even if you’re in a pair of briefs meant for racing in the water. You can’t see them here, but he also does them in an Army green, which is so elevated and elegant. Also, if you’re in Ibiza, you’ve obviously worked really hard on your body, and if you’re showing it off you should show it off in the right way. Compared to traditional briefs, the sides of these are cut lower, so you’re exposing less outer thigh, which becomes more flattering. Maier pays attention to those kinds of details.”
$195 at Tomas Maier

Bruce’s Own Trunks:

Bulldog Mid-Length Swim Trunks by Orlebar Brown
“When I travel to Bellport on the south shore of Long Island in the summers, I’ll wear a mid-length version of the Orlebar Browns in solid-navy. It’s a go-to pair I’ve had for years, and I actually keep one in my carry-on so that wherever I go, I have them at the ready. To prevent discoloration, I make sure to put sunscreen on before putting on the trunks, then I’ll just rinse them out and air-dry them between swimming and then throw them into the washing machine every two or three times I wear them.”
$240 at Bergdorf Goodman

What’s the Best Men’s Swimsuit to Buy?