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Insane Driver Deploys Smoke Screen and Road Spikes in Action-Movie-Like Car Chase

A simple traffic stop in Lithuania turned into a scene out of a Bond movie over the weekend, when an evasive driver hit police with some impressive diversions straight out of Q Branch.

First, there was smoke. Just seconds after beginning to flee from police, the driver of a silver SUV deployed a cloud of thick gray smoke behind the vehicle in an attempt to throw off his pursuers. It didn’t do much good, since the cops could reasonably assume the car was still on the road in front of them — which it was. That’s when the driver activated the caltrops, those devilish metal spikes that cops sometimes toss on the street to stop a car on the run. Those didn’t work, either.

Police ended the chase not long after it started by forcing the car off the road and pinning it against a barricade —an old-school move that required no special technological wizardry. The department later uploaded the chase video to Facebook to demonstrate the challenges they confront on the roads.

The driver of this car may have failed to elude his captors, but give the guy credit for being prepared. This maniac drives around every day ready to shoot smoke and spikes out of the back of his car. That’s industrious.

And now he’s learned an important lesson. If he really wants to get away the next time he’s in a chase, take a cue from Mario and drop the banana peels first.

Insane Driver Deploys Smoke Screen and Road Spikes