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New York Men Embrace Summer With Bold Hues and Perky Patterns

Photo: Tim Murphy

Lester Gibbs, 23, musical-theater actor, Jersey City

So, wow, a mesh shirt with a dressed-up look!
It’s from Topman. I try to keep my mesh clothes to a minimum, but recently it’s been so hot that I let my inhibitions go and paired it with tailored, traditional menswear.

Are you getting reactions?
I wore it to work for a temp job at Marc Jacobs and nobody seemed to care.

And on the street?
I get looks sometimes if I have my nipples exposed.

Any other summer pieces you’re excited to wear?
I love overalls because you don’t have to wear a shirt under them. I can rock that. Also, the short short. A three-inch inseam. I’m all about the thighs these days. I’m into the men’s empowerment of showing the thigh. Free the thigh.

What’s a perfect spring New York day to you?
I’ve been spending a lot of time in the park. Central Park. I put on a ton of sunscreen and try to find a new place every time. My friends and I love to take dance shots in the park. Jumps and stuff.

Do you have a summer jam?
Let It Go” by James Blake. It’s very leisurely.

Photo: Tim Murphy

Patrick Arias, 21, courier and SVA student, Hamilton Beach, Queens

Where’s the T-shirt from?
Search and Destroy. It’s a multipurpose Art Nouveau pop-culture thrift consignment place on St. Marks Place.

Does your T-shirt remind you of a certain artist?
Maybe Kandinsky a little bit. But if I had to give this look a name, it would be Nouveau Punk Trash on the Go.

Is that your typical look?
No. I’m a genre-hopper.

Is this your spring-iest so far this year?
I’ve been wearing a lot of lovely skirts and short shorts. This is the most colorful I’ve worn so far. I like to be saturated and visible so I don’t get hit by a car.

What haven’t you worn yet that you’re looking forward to?
Many tasteful tank tops and white denim.

What’s a tasteful tank top?
Something ironic or slutty on the front.

Photo: Tim Murphy

Durrock Knox, 27, multimedia producer, Bed-Stuy

Are you dressed today for the warm weather? What did you think when you woke up this morning?
I didn’t want to wear shorts because I had to go to the office, but I wanted something I could roll up. I didn’t want to wear socks either.

Are the pants a little hot? They look like wool.
They’re a bit hot, so I roll them up. Shirt is from H&M, pants the Gap, shoes are vintage from my father, and bag Urban Outfitters.

How would you describe this look?
Spring corporate beachy.

Do you ever wear brighter colors?
I’m trying to get into some light blues and reds. I want to color-block a bit this summer.

Photo: Tim Murphy

Eric, 45, investment banker, West Village

I love your look. Where’s the jacket from?
Uniqlo. Shirt is Polo, bag is from Opening Ceremony.

Is this your springiest so far this year?
It’s 90 degrees today so I needed lighter colors.

How would you describe your style?
Italian preppy.

Style role models?
Paul Newman. Justin Theroux.

Is he still with Jen?
I don’t know. But he’s got great style.

What are you excited to wear?
Look at this. [Opens bag.] It’s a double-breasted blue linen jacket from Club Monaco.

Are you the most stylish guy on your floor at work?
There’s no competition. Nobody else even cares.

Photo: Tim Murphy

Bradley Smith, 33, actor, Bed-Stuy, and Clifford Michel, 29, actor, Upper West Side

Are you guys friends?
Both: Yes.
C.M.: We’re shooting a movie. Rebel in the Rye.

Is that a mix of Rebel Without a Cause and Catcher in the Rye?
I’m not sure.

Are you in costume now?
C.M.: Only me.

Bradley, is this your spring look?
B.S.: Yes. It’s all from Uniqlo except the sneakers.

Are you a Keith Haring fan?
B.S.: I don’t even know who Keith Haring is.

What? Seriously?
B.S.: I have to go home and check because a few people have commented.

Clifford, you’re wearing a costume?
C.M.: Except my shoes, which are Margiela.

How do you dress on a normal day?
C.M.: Sexy! More European than American.

What epitomizes spring in N.Y.?
B.S.: Nice bright colors, some sweats, a T-shirt.

What’s the barest you’ll go other than the beach?
B.S.: Shorts and a tank top.

Do you have a summer jam?
B.S.: “Cuffin’ Season” by Fabolous.

When I say “sexy summer,” what comes to mind?
C.M.: Clifford!

C.M.: Yeah, I make the summer look beautiful.

Photo: Tim Murphy

Antonio, 45, advertising executive visiting from Amsterdam

What have you done in N.Y. so far?
A couple of rooftop parties, great food, meeting great people. I love to travel alone.

What’s the summer like in Amsterdam?
Hot, but you can go boating, swimming.

This a typical summer look for you?
Nope. I’m dressed down. Usually I’d wear nice pants, sandals. This look is more urban than I’d do in Amsterdam. The shirt’s from Berlin — I can’t remember the store. The tattoo is Polynesian. I’m from the Caribbean.

What does “New York summer” bring to mind for you?
Tremendous vibe, great energy, and surprise.

Photo: Tim Murphy

Mark Gwisdalla, 42, and Justin Marshall, 34, art handlers from Detroit

Is this your first day wearing a fun shirt?
M.G.: Yep. I collect a lot of tiki and surf-culture stuff. We have nine months of winter in Michigan. My shirt is from Reyn Spooner, which makes modern Hawaiian shirts.

How would you describe your spring style?
M.G.: Surf skate trash. Hawaiian wannabe. I don’t know.
J.M.: My shirt is from the Salvation Army, and my shorts from Uniqlo. My leg tat is of my dog Tia, who passed away last year.

What’s your look called?
J.M.: Beach bum? Poor guy?

Are you guys competitive with your shirts?
J.M.: I like Mark’s shirts most of the time. We both bid on Hawaiian shirts on eBay.
M.G.: But we try not to bid against each other and to keep it civil. As a record collector, I like clean guitar tones, bands like the Bambi Molesters and other surf bands.

How’s Detroit these days?
J.M.: It’s a lot of restaurants I can’t afford and yuppies moving in.

Men Embrace Summer With Bold Hues and Patterns