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That’s the Wrong Song, and Other Weekend Sports News

The death of Muhammad Ali on Friday cast a shadow over the sports world this weekend. Games as seemingly far removed from the champ’s orbit as hockey and stock-car racing honored Ali. As did the UFC, NBA, and Major League Baseball. But after the moments of silence, games were played, and here’s what those games produced.

The Warriors drubbed the Cavs again on Sunday night, taking a 2–0 lead in the Finals. What’s scary for LeBron & Co. is that MVP point guard Steph Curry hasn’t hit the 20-point mark in either of the first two games, leaving the Dubs bench to do most of the dirty work. Yet even on the sidelines Curry makes highlights. Here he is echoing the thoughts of everyone who watched this blowout: The Warriors look like they’re playing a video game out there.

It’s not often a national soccer team looks this pissed while listening to its national anthem, but this one’s easy to explain. That’s not their national anthem. Before its Copa America match against Mexico, Uruguay had to sit through the Chilean anthem after the wrong song was played by mistake. No wonder they lost the match.

A bearded bro in a tank top delayed the Astros game against the A’s Saturday when he ran onto the field waving an American flag. But his act of patriotism was not greeted kindly. After his belly flop on the turf, he was escorted off the field by a handful of cops. U-S-A. U-S-A.

In a weekend filled with Muhammad Ali tributes, few were as well delivered as the brief eulogy from legendary Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully, who read the news of Ali’s death during Friday night’s game in Los Angeles. Listen to one of sports’ greatest icons on the passing of another.


The Wrong Song, and Other Weekend Sports News