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The Dudes Peacocking Around Pitti Uomo Want Your Attention

At some point in the past decade, the Pitti Uomo menswear trade show in Florence, Italy, morphed from an industry event for buyers and manufacturers into a global showcase for the nattily dressed fops in attendance. Blame street photographers, who fight for shots of these attention-craving style mavens as they gather in brightly hued groups throughout Florence.

“It’s become a peacock parade where the men show off their outfits in all their glory hoping to get snapped by the top photographers,” director Aaron Christian writes on Vimeo, where he’s uploaded a five-minute documentary showcasing the Pitti Peacock in its natural habitat. “It’s quite comical, the way the fully grown men pace around subtly trying their best to get snapped.”

Christian’s narrator nails the David Attenborough-like narration on this, and the sound design is practically Oscar-worthy. But the real success here is the blistering takedown he delivers to the Pitti Peacock. Not that any of them would care. They live for the attention, after all.


The Dudes Peacocking at Pitti Uomo Want Attention