Comments: Week of July 5, 2021


“Rachel Lindsay Has No Roses Left to Burn,” June 21–July 4

Photo: New York Magazine

For New York’s latest cover story, Rachel Lindsay opened up about her experience as The Bachelor franchise’s first Black lead. The Washington Post’s Emily Yahr wrote that the program “has always been resistant to change, but if Lindsay’s revelations lead to more stars of the show feeling bold enough to share all, it could be a domino effect that’s hard to stop.” Author Rebekah Weatherspoon tweeted, “This piece is fantastic and I feel like it on a way smaller scale mirrors how it feels [to have] been a Black fan of the franchise.” Writer Brittny Pierre added, “I’m happy Rachel realized ABC/The Bachelor used her as their ‘Black friend.’ They made Rachel their go-to person to discuss all things related to race.” After the story was published, Lindsay was critical of the magazine’s cover language — “Oops, I Blew Up The Bachelor” — and wrote on Instagram, “While it was a very collaborative experience, [New York] decided to misrepresent me … Those are not my words nor are they a reflection of how I feel. In fact, it is in stark contrast to the context of the piece. For me it is very disappointing and disrespectful that the very notion I was trying to refute was used against me by the publication for a clickbait headline.” On Instagram, Val Kallen Curran wrote, “She didn’t blow up The Bachelor — she merely pulled the curtain back on a franchise that needed to be held accountable.”


“Nobody Wraps Pat Kiernan,” June 21–July 4

Caitlin Moscatello reported on the infighting that has wracked NY1. @triplec64 called the story a “worthwhile read, especially if you’ve followed @NY1 from its inception. It’s also pretty sad when you learn of all the off air shenanigans. This is probably the best excuse to finally cancel my [cable] subscription.” @__Chimaera tweeted, “It’s impossible to ignore that the original group of male reporters remain while not so much the women.” The story reported that Mornings on 1 co-anchors Jamie Stelter and Annika Pergament “behave like ‘high-school bullies,’ openly gossiping about co-workers” on set. Although NY1’s parent company initially declined to comment on Pergament’s behalf when informed of these allegations, she later wrote to the magazine, “For the 27 years I have reported the news on New York 1, I’ve tried to hold myself to a high standard, be fair and accurate, treat my colleagues with respect, and deliver the best product for our viewers. So when I read the recent New York Magazine story ‘Nobody Wraps Pat Kiernan,’ I was surprised on two levels. First, an anonymous source described me and a colleague as ‘bullies,’ and second, the reporter stated that I had declined comment. To be clear, the allegation is false, and the reporter never asked me for an interview. It’s striking how a few sentences in a magazine article can attempt to damage a reputation built over nearly 30 years. I expect better from our industry, and better from New York Magazine.”


“What Is Going On in Washington Square Park?” (June 21–July 4)

Photo: New York Magazine

New York chronicled 48 hours in the place that is suddenly a Rorschach for New Yorkers on whether the city is backsliding. BuzzFeed’s Katie Notopoulos called it a “perfect piece of journalism that captures a time and place.” And University of Pennsylvania assistant professor Julia Alekseyeva said it was “a fascinating glimpse of an urban utopia! I wish we all could live in and around Washington Square Park.” Jean Cochrane tweeted, “I would have liked more narrative but I appreciate the way the quotes give a sense of the diversity of people who enjoy the park, along with the conflicts between them.” Commenter DesignDarling pushed back on the notion that the park has changed: “There has always always been drug dealing, homelessness, musicians, chess players, dancing, bridge & tunnel bachelorette groups, etc. etc. etc. What has changed are the gentrifiers who move here and want to turn the City into the place that they left.”


“71 Minutes With Andrew Giuliani,” June 21–July 4

Washington correspondent Olivia Nuzzi followed Andrew Giuliani on his improbable gubernatorial campaign. Former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt praised her reporting: “Nuzzi has established herself as a peerless political writer with a talent for explicating the total fucking insanity of our times with amazing profiles.” @CharlieBFact seconded that, tweeting, “I don’t have the vocabulary to string together the right words to accurately describe the brilliant and humorous writing in this piece. I wish I could have been there for the interview.”

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Comments: Week of July 5, 2021