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Adam Driver Horses Around While Simone Biles Bows Out Gracefully

Graphic: New York Magazine

Our guide to what’s highbrow, lowbrow, brilliant, and despicable. Tap or click each image below to enlarge.

Graphic: NBC News/Youtube (January 6); Public Theater (Merry Wives); Denish C/Flickr; Museum of Modern Art (MoMA PS1); Carol Kaelson/Jeopardy Productions, Inc.(Jeopardy); Anthony Crider (Pete Buttegieg); Takahiro Kyono (Bruce Springsteen); Walmart (Walmart); Will Heath/NBC (Colin Jost, Peter Davidson); Kevin Yatarola (Shaina Taub).
Graphic: The Focal Project/Flickr (Delta Variant); US Army Africa/Wikimedia Commons (Tunisia); NBC Sports/Youtube (Tokyo Olympics); Studio Incendo/Wikimedia Commons (Ton Ying-kit); Cafe Royal/Flickr (Eviction); Robert Gerhardt (MoMA); Public Domain (Salvator Mundi); Fox News (Tucker Carlson); Samsung (Waterfall).
Graphic: Wegmans Food Markets (Wegmans); Public Domain (Astor Cube); NBC Sports (Skateboarders); NBC Sports (Skateboarders); Jason Nocito/Telfar (Telfar); Dick Thomas Johnson (Adam Driver); NPR (Young Thug); Sony Music Entertainment/Youtube (Lil Nas X); Matteo Mobilio (The Social); L.A Foodie (Corn Dog); Phillip Pessar (Wu Tang Clan); Kit Karzen/Netflix (Paris Hilton).
Graphic: Center for Disease Control (Fungus); PBS (Arthur); Anheuser-Busch (Beer); (Brunch); Nike (Norwegian Handball Team); Forrest and Kim Starr/Flickr (Cars); A-Side Entertainment (DaBaby); Sony Music Entertainment/Youtube (Jack Harlow); NOAA (Wildfires) Peter Hutchins/Flickr (Kanye).

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Adam Driver Horses Around While Biles Bows Out Gracefully