the approval matrix

The Contrarian and the Very Old Teen

Photo-Illustration: New York Magazine

Our guide to what’s highbrow, lowbrow, brilliant, and despicable. Tap or click each image below to enlarge.

Photo: Chad Davis (Police); Mark Nozell (Trump); Steve Petteway / U.S Supreme Court (Breyer); Jeso Carneiro (Bolsonaro); Space X (Space); Daily News; Tim Rodenberg (Rikers); WinterKanal (Ai Weiwei); Facebook; Apple.
Photo: Simon & Schuster (Kali); Aperture (Laub); Julia Cervantes (Evidence); Andy Langager (Insects); Macmillan; Spurekar (Delivery worker); Jeopardy Productions (Amodio); Dan Taylor / Heisenberg Media (Thiel); Timothy Schenck (Drone); LaMama Puppet Festival.
Photo: Donna Burton (U.S Border Patrol); Claire Folger / Warner Bros Media (Cry Macho); Metropolitan Transportation Authority (R Train); Universal Pictures (Dear Evan Hansen); Edith Miracle (Owl); Public Domain (Rosa Parks); Public Domain (Astrology); Smcgee (Carmine’s); Paul Stocker (Bathroom)
Photo: Sam Adams; Eric Minbole (Cow); Megapixx (Squirrel); Orange County Archives (Elvira); Javits Center Farm (Farm); Pockawfye (San Gennaro); Sony Music Entertainment (Adejuyigbe); NY Department of Transportation (Brooklyn Bridge); Aaron Hockley (Cables); Mo’s General Pizza.

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The Contrarian and the Very Old Teen