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Freed Britney, Teen Cannibals, and a COVID-Conscious Bear

Photo: New York Magazine

Our guide to what’s highbrow, lowbrow, brilliant, and despicable. Tap or click each image below to enlarge.

Photo: Eric Molina (Needle); STX Entertainment (Hustlers); SipaUSA (Gosar); NADLNews (Peng) ; Liz Cheney (Public Domain); Matthew Blank/Flick (Long); Benjamin Holley (Economy); Watt Publishing (Turkey); OnInnovation/Flickr (Musk); Michae Miller/Flickr (Corgi)
Photo: A24 (Horror book); Met Opera (Eurydice); 911Conspiracy/Flickr (Jones); CDC/Robert Denty (Booster); Dutton (Book); Nir Arieli (Joyce); Netflix (Cumberbatch); Warner Bros. (King Richard); Mr.TinDC (Metrocard); David Ohmer (Outdoor dining); Friedman Brenda (Design Week)
Photo:; Martyna Borkowski/Wikimedia (Walken); slgckgc/Flickr (Thor); Matthew Murphy (Diana); Martinus Scribilerus/Flickr (Leopard); Anthony Quintano (NYE); Chris Parker/Flickr (Scorpion); Eran Finle/Flickr (Lice); CDBaby (Urista); MattPhillips/Flickr (Dog)
Photo: Columbia (Adele); Sesame Street (Ji-Young); Showtime (Yellowjackets); Amanda Kae/Flickr (Bear); Jessica Brooks/HBO (Sex Lives); Starz (Party Down); Moviepass; Jive Records (Britney); JimMerithew/Wired (Gyllenhaal); Bravo (Housewives)

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Freed Britney, Teen Cannibals, and a COVID-Conscious Bear