the approval matrix

Bing Bong, SantaCon, Pavement’s Back, Dems Get Whacked

Photo: New York Magazine

Our guide to what’s highbrow, lowbrow, brilliant, and despicable. Tap or click each image below to enlarge.

Photo: Kate Wellington/Flickr (McAuliffe); Spar Cole/Flickr (Guns); Public Domain (Eric Adams and Glasgow); Warner Brothers (Matrix); Amazon (SpaceX); Tim Bounds/Flickr (Cancellations); Randy Le’Moine (Broadway); UCSB (Munger); Bryan McLellan (Child Labor)
Photo: AO Public (Emily Oliveira); VivaLaCynthia/Flickr (Passport); Joan Marcus/SignatureTheater (Twilight); Nick May (Shakespeare); Penguin Random House (Misfire & Our Country Friends); Brooklyn Museum (Hourglass); Nurith Wagner-Strauss/Wiener Festwochen (The Mother)
Photo: Core Rodefeld/Flickr (Golden Gate Bridge); Circu (Jungle Gym); Giants (Giants); Amazon (Autopsy); McDonalds (McRib); Disney (Eternals); Netflix (Squid Game); Brook Ward (Aaron Rodgers); Tom Hilton (Santacon); Erik Drost (Paul)
Photo: Matador Records (Pavement); Norwegian Handball Alliance (Volleyball); Knicks (BingBong); Gucci; Sean Gallagher/Comedy Central (Roy Wood Jr.); Netflix (Big Mouth); Kyle Dubiel/SNL (Davidson); SNL (Kim Kardashian); Public Domain (Led Zeppelin); Corporate Casuals (Brandon); Norlando Pobre (Dubai)

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Bing Bong, SantaCon, Pavement’s Back, Dems Get Whacked