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“When She Was ‘It’” (April 24–May 7)

Photo: New York Magazine

New York’s annual “Yesteryear” issue looked back at a century of the New York City “It” girl. With an opening essay by Matthew Schneier on what “It” even is and the memories of ­dozens of former “It” girls — including Jane ­Holzer, Pat Cleveland, Dianne Brill, and Chloë Sevigny — the feature provoked an outsize response from readers with ­debates over who was included and who was left out and plenty of memes. Here are some of the reactions.

“There’s kind of no more ‘It’ girls. Like that was the thing with this package that kind of got me a little sad … Do ‘It’ girls even exist anymore?” — Lindsey Weber, Who? Weekly

Its are more than the sum of their parts. They are pure zeitgeist, charisma incarnate, hard to describe linguistically.” — Raven Smith, Vogue

“As millennials’ wealth builds, however, their nostalgia for simpler times remains, as seen in the revival of aughts and ’90s fashion. Even Martha Stewart jumped on the teenage-dirtbag train — though she could take some notes from Kennedy on the sleaze.” — Bartie Scott, Insider

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Comments: Week of May 8, 2023