Introducing Dinner Party, a New Evening Newsletter

Are you ready for Dinner Party? Pull up a seat.

What’s up, y’all, my name is Tirhakah Love, and I’m a senior writer at New York Magazine and the host of the new evening newsletter, Dinner Party. I already know what you’re gonna say: Creating a daily email that touches on all things entertainment — that means film, television, music, tech, and gaming — plus politics and corporate clownery during a two-year pon de replay (also the world possibly ending?) is pretty unhinged behavior, and I’d agree.

But hey, it works because every single day, I’ll be ringleading a celebration of the most chaotic, absurd, and contentious moments in the culture. We’ve got fresh features that will chronicle the ever-changing feel in the air and track the day’s ridiculousness alongside remixes of the New York franchises you love. And it won’t just be me: I’ll be wrangling my brilliant colleagues and a number of very clever friends and other figures to chime in on the events, characters, and news that might have fallen under the radar.

So welcome to your new pleasure pit. We drop every weekday. See you there, don’t be late!

Introducing Dinner Party, a New Evening Newsletter