the approval matrix

Biden Droops, Bolten’s Coups, Twitter Trolled (Not Sold)

Photo: New York Magazine

Our guide to what’s highbrow, lowbrow, brilliant, and despicable. Tap or click each image below to enlarge.

Photo: Austin Community College/Flickr (Jill); JON_CF/Flickr (Inflation); Michael Vadon/Flickr (Bolton); Falco Ermert/Flickr (COVID); Kevan/Flickr (Crypto); Tesla Owners Club Belgium/Flickr (Musk); NYC Emergency Management/Youtube (Nuclear); Falco Ermert/Flickr (COVID); Dmitry Barsky/Flickr (Trump); Jeanne Menjoulet/Flickr (Macron)
Photo: Richard Termine (Twelfth Night); Christopher Michel/Flickr (Limon); Courtesy of the Artist (Duke Riley); Courtesy the artist and 52 Walker, New York (Tiona); The Atlantic (Archive); Image courtesy the artist and Anton Kern Gallery, New York (Chapeau); TM Davy (Fire Island); C-SPAN/Youtube (Hawley); NASA (Webb); Bellevue Literary Press (Tuten)
Photo: Raffi Asdourian/Flickr (Allen); Erran Carey/Flickr (Lifeguards); Whity/Flickr (Alexa); Martin Pettitt/Flickr (Elmo); Candida.Performa/Flickr (Lil Nas X); Rachel Bush/Flickr (Pizza); Judy Gallagher/Flickr (Ticks); Rubel Roy/Flickr (Lamborghini)
Photo: ABC/Gilles Mingasson (Abbott); Apple TV+ (Severance); Light in the Attic (Earl); Cardi B/Youtube (Cardi B); Netflix (Sea Beast); Hilary Halliwell/Flickr (Beagles); Russ Martin/FX (Shadows); Shayne Kaye/Flickr (Springsteen); Bev Sykes/Flickr (Costco); Lewis Jacobs/AMC (Breaking Bad)

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Biden Droops, Bolten’s Coups, Twitter Trolled (Not Sold)