the approval matrix

Goats Up, Hamm Down

Photo: New York Magazine

Our guide to what’s highbrow, lowbrow, brilliant, and despicable. Tap or click each image below to enlarge.

Photo: Getty Images (Trump, DeSantis, Scott, malaria, heat, Watters, software); Cisplatin (cancer)
Photo: Getty Images (Diwali); IAAM (opens); A24 (scrounging); Joan Marcus (Piazza); Skye Schmidt (Morris); New Museum (Lee); Casey Kaplan (Beasley); Sachyn Mital (Murray); Bookforum (bookforum); Europa Editions (Patrick)
Photo: Getty Images (Hamm, sub, delivery, Zaslav, Colosseum, rodents, Armstrong); Max (Idol); Drake Related (poetry); Google Maps (Staubitz)
Photo: Sony Pictures (Law); Getty Images (Dan, Latifah, Rhymes, Goats); Netflix (Witcher); FX (Carmy); @wifekissers303/Twitter (Dolls)

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Goats Up, Hamm Down